Buying a house is very complex process that needs a lot of time, we need to take a look at many details and look for very specific factors that determinate value and confort of what could be our future home, but, what are we looking for?
Discover the situation with the property: Are there any forthcoming charges?

Continuously check if the property is liberated from encumbrances. At the end of the day, check whether it has a home loan, if there is any seizure request on it or if there are any extra obligations such as, neglected local area charges.

To check the situation with the property you will purchase and if there are any extraordinary charges you can go to the Land Registry to demand a Nota Simple Informativa. This record contains key legitimate data like the accompanying:

Depiction of the property with the area, the sort of property, the built and helpful surface, polygon, plot, cadastral reference and even division. These are the fundamental information of the property.

Responsibility for property. In other words, whose is the house in all actuality along with its investment in potential gateways or extra spaces.

Charges like home loans and different obligations. These charges burden the house and not on the proprietor, so if there should be an occurrence of not being paid, they would turn into yours.

Among the potential charges is the IBI. This assessment isn’t constantly paid toward the start of the year, however it generally compares to the proprietor on January 1 to pay it. To ensure that it is paid, request a proof of installment of the earlier years. For this situation the obligation won’t fall on the house, however on the proprietor at that point, albeit numerous city centers decide to guarantee it to the new proprietor.

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